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Why our products relate to you - Quick Response Code Wristbands

QR Kidz and Safety?

QR Kidz started as a unique way to creatively, fashionably and safely store information about a loved one, a precious item or a pet.  Our product and website allows you to be reunited in the event of a loss or temporary misplacement. 

Being a 5th generation Arizona Family, my husband and I attend several local venues each year.  The initial idea for QR Kidz began at the Tempe Arts Festival.  "What if our son runs off?", we asked each other.  From that moment on, we morphed the idea into several ideas leading to the Quick Response code.  This allows the parent or loved one to provide emergency contact information without being too accessible.

QR and fashion was born.  All items can be personalized.  Codes can be generated (and updated anytime) for family vacations, outings, loved ones with disabilities, pets, keeping track of a cherished toy, luggage, or even for the clever teen promoting school spirit.  

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QRKidz and your child's safety? - Quick Response Code Bands

How It Works

      • Open App
      • Hold camera, with the app open, over the code
      • App will decode QR code and display saved information
      • An alert is sent to you, (via email) when code is scanned.  The geographic location included (when applicable)

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What is QRKidz all about? - QR Code Wristbands

"You provide the info, we provide the code" 
Keeping Kidz and Everything Else Safe, One Scan at a Time.

QR Kidz takes smart phone technology and combines it with safety.  By utilizing the 2-dimensional bar code system (QR Code), you are able to: 

  • Have Hassle Free Updates 
  • Provide more than one contact number, in case of an emergency
  • Include medical information (allergy, medical condition, etc)
  • Update addresses, phone numbers, vacation information simply by logging into your account

QR Kidz is the first company to integrate the QR code generator, QR code products and on site printing.  By building the code generation into the website and printing in house, we are able to quickly create the QR code, personalize and ship your product.  

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